The Kolpakov Trio

The Kolpakov Trio


Sacha Kolpakov


The Kolpakov Trio was created in 1994. The group is centred around Sacha (Alexander Kolpakov), and numerous artists have played with this group. 

Sacha (Alexander) Kolpakov was born in 1943 in the Orenburg district in Russia. A Servo, one of the Rroma group in Russia, he was raised with music and began playing the seven-string guitar as a boy. In the 1960s he moved to Moscow and has since worked with a number of groups, including the Romen Theatre. He is a composer as well as a singer and instrumentalist. 

Many of his songs are by now standards of the Russian repertoire and have been played by numerous artists. 

He is by now usually accompanied by His nephew Vadim Kolpakov who learnt the seven-string guitar, the vocal style and dance tradition of Russian Rroma Gypsy music at an early age. He is from the Saratov region in Russia. In 1992 he moved to Moscow to train with his uncle. He has toured internationally and recorded with the Kolpakov Trio, and in addition sings, dances and plays the guitar in his own group "Via Romen", which he founded in the United States. 

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